Doing it for God and not doing it for free

Hallelujah gonna say the blood of the Lord real quick so that, that sickness that is happening in some parts of the nation can be tackled as soon as possible amen, but am not use to galavanting unnecessarily, so I say a prayer for my ministry members that has got other situations that they want rectified so am gonna say the blood of the Lord on that sickness hallelujah. My okwukwe is strong so I thank God for the other positive things that has been happening in the nation, to my ministry members hallelujah. I wanted to just do as God is leading me and there was this project I had going on since approximately a few years ago the thing is a car am talking about you gonna ask me if I got that hallelujah you gonna, hallelujah I said to myself the thing is only a big engine and I am trying put hallelujah on my quarter.

Hallelujah you smiling with my ministry members.

Is not about that is about that is just there is not a situation that is impossible for the Lord. Am gonna devour a particular scripture then, “For God so love the world he gave his only son”, hallelujah am screaming blood of the Lord. Alright then there goes my okwukwe but you know am cool but I got things to do so Lord you just gonna have to intervene. Is about me dashing in glory not me dashing in fear.

I was jet lagged I knew that I don’t sin, I don’t sin fullstop I love the Lord am just too righteous, hallelujah, it wasn’t difficult to know that I had just finished praying so I was relaxing i was like hallelujah the sun was blazing I prayed then the individual just rolled the coin to me, then I said one is not a problem but the distraction was the issue but his merciful I say more but worry you not. Then said but that’s my you are washing but thank because I looked pleasant the other day.

Pastor Jezebel Ajike

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