Since 28 February 2021 and I know I was pushing for a release this month. My greatest apology. Am even thinking August 2021 or something like hosanna and every other month because that is the month you was born amen hosanna.

That 17 November 2020 camera rolling Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike path  of pot of fortune in glory and path of prosperity in praise that premiered in November 2020 and through out the whole 2020 Christmas the powerful religious program worship to God maker of heaven and earth that every part of the world knew that whilst watching it Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike was ready for the world in accordance to God bringing her into the world as a true woman of God. Yes the whole wide world and all the planets and universe is aware of God and  Eze-Nwanyi PatienceSheba Ajike the 8 August 15:00 hundred hours 1998 born, & Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike is a Christian but has understanding of the other different kind of religion and Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike has a filthy rich father His Excellency President and A Presbyterian the very wealthy Kalu Kalu Ajike and Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike has a mum royal sister Lily Ajike that was a virgin, but Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike comes from a very special family , including her father’s father Eze Kalu Ajike, so that worldwide attention religious program *Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike Endless Time Of Invasion Of Fortune, Love, Lucky & Holy Light Episode One, Two and Three. That Beautiful Channel NTA Abia State Nigeria and Beyond Television Home Cinema Excellent Major House Holds Premier, The Box Set DVD for purchase in all Walmart Store and all Sam’s Club Store release date is still for sure banker for release in a very good few weeks am so excited. Walmart is a United States Of America firm, oh am taking it a day at a time with the release but hosanna it is for all Walmart Stores and All Sam’s Club Stores In the United States of America, Europe, Canada, Latin America, etc. Thank you Walmart . Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike. I say a prayer for my worldwide church ministry members Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry God pursue you with success. I love you all because you love God and you trust God.

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In All Tesco Stores and Online, The Monthly Magazine that deals with Finance, Business, Law, Globe and Entertainment, Financial Journal is going to be purchasable, Financial Newspaper the every last last 7 days of the month newspaper written in Igbo language and English language and it focuses on The World, Current Correct News and Current Affairs, Business, Finance, Politics and Culture. The exciting part my production company fellowships, documentaries, shows, movie, reality all that hosanna the DVD you can purchase from Tesco. Intelligent being that love to tease and recharge you know my book the world most famous poetry book Appropriate is going to be purchasable there also. Am ready when they are. Thank you Tesco every little helps. Hosanna indeed am sure am still gonna ask nicely to bring in my humanitarian promotion like you buy my DVD and it goes to am rating it for Saint Patience Ajike Medical Trust init. Tesco yeah is really lush is even in Leeds. Empress Patience Ajike.

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Good morning thank you for reaching out on the correspondence and fellowships of Doctor ShebaPatience Ajike. I thought this could be useful to you instead. It is owned by Queen ShebaPatience Ajike and the outreach is global and international, here it is.

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The book of Mathew Chapter 1 Verse 12. It is rush of prosperity and glory with my thank you to you over 1,700 beautiful people from different parts of the world with your beautiful the over 1,700 of you and the more that are still coming in, written inbox correspondence in the past 27 days. I love you all. Am going through all the over approximately 5,000 written inbox correspondence. Amen. Doctor Patience Ajike.

I am Certain. The Epistles Of Job…

Health Topic

What it takes to look young without doing anything to yourself. Aleovera is a very good plant don’t forget to put honey in it if you are blending it from fresh I would also recommend strawberry or mango as you blend it. If you want it that perfect, young and beautiful put it in your once a week to start with.

Doctor ShebaPatience Ajike.

Pandemic Recovery

I was born in a beautiful city called Leeds I hope we can come out of the pandemic perfectly so if you can get your vaccination make sure you do. I am getting my vaccination done, so if you can get your vaccination done please do, so that every where in the world, we can get out of the pandemic perfectly.

Doctor Patience Ugwunwa Ajike